Celebrity Flora Galapagos Islands Cruises

Celebrity Flora sleeps 100 passengers. It is one of three Celebrity Cruise Line ships at the Galapagos Islands. Together, they offer regular Galapagos Islands cruises throughout the year.

The other two ships in the Celebrity fleet are the Celebrity Xpedition and the Celebrity Xploration.

This ship is ground breaking. First of all, every stateroom on board has a huge suite. Secondly, it is a 4-Star vessel and as such specialises in luxury cruises.

With Celebrity Cruise Line you'll have an amazing sense of "oneness" with the environment. Lots of glass and an outward facing connection wherever you are on the ship. 100% of the suites feature floor to ceiling windows. 38 out of the 50 suites also have glass windows into the bathrooms. Fabrics are organic, furniture is locally sourced and made. The whole cruise is a statement about preserving this habit.

Celebrity Flora Cruises

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